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5 Reasons to Start Planning your Christmas Party


‘Twas a few months before Christmas
And all through the office,
No word of a Christmas Party
Not even a gossip,
But plans need to be made
With preparations in place,
As Christmas will soon be upon us
Only 7 months to wait.

You must be thinking Christmas in May? Are Qube crazy? There hasn’t been time to blow the dust off the BBQ, indulge in an all-inclusive holiday or enjoy a drink in the beer garden. However, it is important to start thinking about the highly anticipated Christmas party and Qube are here to help!


1. Bring Your Staff Together

Your employees work hard all year round and the Christmas party is a great way to blow off steam. Even though it isn’t yet the season to be jolly, you shouldn’t have to wait until December to bring your colleagues together. Qube Events can pitch you a number of ideas and themes whilst your team decide which they prefer. By giving your staff the opportunity to become involved in the planning of their Christmas party they will look forward to it more than ever!

2. Lighten Your Workload

Planning a party can be stressful, especially when it comes to organising one the whole office can enjoy. We understand your diary is full of important commitments, so Qube can help you explore themes and do all the hard work so you can feel like Christmas really has come early! Take a look at some of the festive Pinterest themes our team recommend for your Christmas ‘do’.

Qube Christmas


3. Find the Perfect Venue

Whilst finding a venue is an important part of planning the perfect party, it can be very stressful to find one that works for everybody. Christmas should be a time where you can act like a big kid again, so take the stress out of sourcing venues and let Qube help! Take a look at our ideas for your very own grotto with our range of venues that our elves love to work at.


4. Plan Ahead and Save Money

Christmas is renowned for creating stress-induced ‘panic buyers’. When it comes to your party, you don’t need to do anything last minute. By planning now, not only will your company has plenty of time to make sure every element suits your budget and requirements, but you will also get the best pick of suppliers, decorators and entertainment services.


5. Avoid Disappointment

Believe it or not, popular Christmas dates are being booked already and filling up quickly! Avoid disappointment on missing out on your winter wonderland and being stuck with a nightmare before Christmas and start planning your Christmas party today.

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