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A Summer of Outdoor Weddings

Is there anything more romantic than the true beauty of Mother Nature? Whether it is in a quintessential English garden or on a lake, maybe even by the beach – alot of brides dream of having an outdoor wedding. Provided you have the logistics and a contingency plan worked out, an outdoor wedding can be a stunning and memorable day!



Here are some things to consider:

  • Choosing a location: The same as when you are choosing an indoor location, you want to make sure it is practical as well as stunning. There is no sense choosing a cliff top wedding if all your elderly guests have to climb 7000 stairs to get there! Take into consideration how many guests you have, the look and feel you want for the wedding and feasibility. Consider the time of year and take a look at past weather trends on your date to get an idea of what to expect. Lots of wedding venues have an outdoor location whether its a garden or a lake, ask around at some of your dream indoor locations to see what the options are!



  • The Logistics: Make sure that there is an area that can be the main focal point for your guests whether its something already at the location or you could even add on an archway or floral arrangements. This will help to ensure any outdoor location has a wedding feeling. Make sure the area is easy to find for guests by using welcome and direction signs, these can be made to match the theme of your wedding and really set the tone from the start.



  • Have a contingency plan: We can’t predict the weather but we can be prepared for it. Talk to the venue to see if they have a backup location. If that isn’t possible, chat to nearby locations to have on stand by. You could also add on a Tiki tent for the reception and use this as back up for the ceremony! Be prepared for anything.



  • Other things to think about: Are you prepared for the heat? Having parasols or shaded areas for guests is a good idea for those who need a break from the sun! If you are having an outdoor reception, ensure that your food is covered from wind and insects (check with your caterer) If you will still be outside when it turns dark, ensure you have sufficient lighting. We usually use things like uplighters, string lights or even light up dancefloors – oh and plenty of candles!!



  • If you are struggling to find the perfect outdoor location – look no further than yours or a family members back garden! As we move into a new normal of weddings with numbers being restricted we are seeing lots of smaller, home weddings with couples using their own or someone that they know back garden! You will save a fortune on venue costs & can make the extra splurge on decor! We can supply furniture, dancefloors, bars, lighting, florals and everything in between. Chat to us about how we can transform your garden no matter what the size, into the wedding venue of your dreams!What are you waiting for. Book your free styling consultation today here today.

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