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Alternative Dining: Get Creative with your Event Catering!


Qube Events & Productions are always on the look-out for new ways to make events enjoyable, innovative and memorable, and that’s not just limited to the décor! You can get creative with venues, entertainment and even invitations, but one area that really gets our mouths watering is the catering.

Unusual catering ideas

Here’s a list of our favourite alternative dining that you could use at your event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party or corporate celebration. Alternative food ideas for events will keep your guests talking long after the party is over!


1. Charcuterie Boards

Take your guests to Tuscany with a beautifully rustic board of cured meats, olives and stunning cheeses. We could sit and gorge ourselves on one of these all day but they’re great for sharing! Set up a buffet style table where guests can explore all the flavours themselves during a drinks reception.

This works great for corporate functions where there isn’t a sit-down dinner or it can be brought out at the end of the party for some posh, post-drink nibbles!


2. Food Vans

No, we’re not talking about your greasy burger van, though they do hold a special place in our hearts. The catering van has seen a revolution in recent years. People have been converting old Volkswagen Campers, Caravans and other classic vehicles into awesome little pop up food stalls and we can’t get enough!

Whether its pizza or prosecco, a burrito or a banana split there’s a seemingly endless list of these cute catering vans to suit any event or taste. Hugely popular at festivals and food markets, these vans are also a wonderful alternative for outdoor events and rustic weddings.


3. Candy Buffet

We all remember the excitement of being faced with a wall of sweets and a little paper bag to fill with pic ‘n’ mix. Meticulously counting out the different treats in a particular order or just cramming as many as you could into the little bag without it splitting.

Well why not relive that at your event with a Candy Buffet?! Have it match the theme of your event by colour, style or presentation. You can also incorporate mini desserts to really make a feast of it!

Find caterers with Qube Events & Productions

Qube Events provide waiters, bars and bar staff to keep your guests topped up and entertained for the whole duration, while we provide the finest food and drinks for your events by working with outstanding caterers throughout the UK.

Our team can also arrange special novelty food for your event, including personalised food, sweets, drinks and much more to make your event spectacular.

We have countless contacts in the catering world who can cater to any idea you have. The more out of the box the better. See your food dreams come true with Qube Events.

You can call us on 0845 463 4008 to talk through your food ideas for your event, or you can visit us at our special Event Studios in Bury, Manchester and we’ll help make your ideas a reality! Book your appointment online.

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