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Blush Wedding Trends


Wedding trends change from year to year, but the traditions, ceremonies and processes largely remain the same. Blush can used alongside a number of different colours, themes and styles, making it one of the most popular colour schemes to choose for weddings this year.

Qube Events & Productions have styled a number of weddings with the blush theme, but each one is completely unique with blush used in different ways. Blush colour schemes mainly consist of a soft pink colour, combined with white or cream to create a subtle, yet classic style that is feminine and fashionable.

Blush style ideas for weddings

The colour scheme works particularly well where weddings are styled with a vintage or antique theme, creating a beautiful looks which is perfectly suited to weddings. A soft blush can make a traditional “white wedding” come to life, with small touches such as plates, favours and flowers all including the pink colour add a whole other feel to the décor, styling and appearance of the wedding venue and reception.

It is an increasingly popular trend and it’s one that Qube Events & Productions love to style. Our experts can source the most beautiful blush props, tableware, chair linen and more as part of our wedding styling services.

The blush theme doesn’t always have to be soft, it can be paired with rose gold to add an extra sparkle, or silver to add a touch of bling. One of the reasons blush is such a popular wedding trend is because it’s so versatile. It can be used in any kind of wedding, from Jewish weddings, to Asian weddings and small weddings, blush adds a graceful touch to any wedding.

Choose Qube Events & Productions to style your dream wedding

If you’re looking for blush inspriration and styling ideas for your wedding, the styling experts at Qube Events can help you plan, create and design your dream wedding. Our team can help you make your big day perfect by arranging everything exactly how you want it, from wedding stationary, to flowers, venue décor and much more.

You can book an appointment with Qube Events & Productions at our special showroom in Manchester where we can talk through all your ideas, visions and inspirations for your wedding. We’ll show you just some of the resources available to us to make your special day incredible and we can source anything you want to make your dreams a reality. For more information on our wedding planning and styling services, call us direct on 0845 463 4008 and a member of the team will be happy to help.

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