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Chuppah Hire Services from Qube Events & Productions

Are you having a Jewish wedding ceremony? If you are, then your choice of Chuppah is undoubtedly an integral part of your day. Not only will the Chuppah be a focal point of your ceremony for all your guests to see (you’ll be stood under it, after all), it will be the place for you, as a couple, to make your vows and start your marriage.

At Qube Events and Productions, we provide Chuppah hire services for high-quality Chuppah hire in Manchester, the North West and throughout the UK.

We pride ourselves on helping you achieve the perfect setting for your dream Jewish wedding with our Chuppah hire. Whether you are looking for traditional white drapes or transparent pillars with unique bouquets, our Chuppahs are available in different styles and are all available for hire, so that you can pick the perfect Chuppah for your Jewish wedding ceremony.

Chuppah Hire from Qube Events & Productions

We have a wide range of Chuppahs for hire that are varied in style so that we can be confident you will find what you are looking for. That said, if you can’t find what you’re looking for within our range of Chuppahs at Qube Events & Productions, we’ll do everything we can to source the perfect Chuppah for you, so you can have your desired Chuppah for your dream Jewish wedding.

Here are a couple of examples of our high-quality Chuppahs that are available for hire from our range at Qube Events & Productions:

Talia – Classic White Draped Chuppah
The Talia Chuppah is a classic white draped Chuppah with beautiful flowing drapes and a pleated roof. A simple, elegant and romantic setting for a Jewish wedding ceremony, the Talia Chuppah costs £450 to hire.

Acrylic Chuppah
The Acrylic Chuppah is brand new to the Qube Events & Productions Chuppah range. The latest addition to our Chuppah collection, the Acrylic Chuppah makes for an impressive structure and is 8ft tall. Here at Qube Events & Productions, we think the Acrylic Chuppah will add the complete wow factor to your wedding!

What’s more, the clear columns of the Chuppah can be decorated in many ways, making each Chuppah special, unique and bespoke to your wedding ceremony requirements.

Would you like some more wedding styling ideas from Qube Events & Productions?

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are having a Jewish wedding ceremony, we’ve got loads of wedding styling ideas here at Qube Events & Productions.

Our wedding styling ideas stand out from the crowd because we pay high levels of attention to detail, provide innovative ideas and create exquisite designs.

If you’re planning a wedding and would like some planning and design help, or are looking for something completely unique for your wedding, get in touch with Qube Events & Productions on 0845 463 4008 or alternatively leave your details on our contact us page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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