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Five ways to embrace smaller weddings

Weddings have changed a lot over the years. From fashion to food, there are lots of trends that have come and gone. However, when COVID-19 swept across the world, it changed the face of weddings, certainly in the short term. Legal restrictions were put in place that limited the number of guests allowed to attend any wedding service and brides had to think of inventive ways to make their big day special, even if it was a lot smaller than they anticipated.

The good news is that even as restrictions start to be relaxed, there are still lots of good reasons to opt for a smaller wedding, and in fact to embrace the idea.

Spend money on the things you really care about

When you think about your dream wedding, you might initially think of a huge, decadent occasion with hundreds of guests. However, the cost savings of hiring a small venue with fewer guests to feed, can have some big benefits.

One of the best bits of a wedding is planning the decor – and having a smaller set-up means you can invest more on luxurious decorations. Whether that’s having rooms filled with tropical flowers, choosing items for a 1920s theme, or styling an incredible photo booth for your guests to enjoy – there is a lot of enjoyment you can get from choosing your decor.

Enjoy boutique and high-end venues

Once you’ve decided on a smaller wedding, it opens up a whole world of venues that wouldn’t be suitable for a big wedding, but can create a beautifully intimate setting for a small wedding with select guests. According to reports, small weddings might be the only option for some time to come. But the good news is that for the same budget, you can afford to spend more per head on a gorgeous venue, and decorate it beautifully to fit your theme.

Smaller wedding, less stress

Of course, there will always be elements of planning any wedding that will be stressful. Picking your guest list, dealing with dietary requirements – and generally sorting out the logistics of decorations, flowers and food at your venue. 

The good news is that the smaller your wedding is, on the whole, it means that you should have less to worry about, and less to coordinate. Instead, you can focus on dressing the venue beautifully, to create a stunning small wedding that will thrill your guests. And on the day, you should have more time to spend with your guests rather than rushing around to say hello to everyone. 

Focus on the special touches

Having a small wedding means that you can really put a lot of thought and effort into all of the small touches for your wedding. Whether that’s gorgeous handmade invitations, special bar serving personalised cocktails or a handpicked wedding band playing a set of your favourite songs, you can embrace the perks of a small wedding by creating a truly unforgettable experience for your guests.

Take it outside

Social distancing and well-spaced events are likely to be a necessity for many months. Why not embrace outdoors, and choose some incredible decorations to help create a spectacular floral theme for your outdoor wedding?

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