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How To Prepare For A Wedding During

How to prepare for a Wedding during COVID-19


As the reality sets in and the government continues to enforce social distancing you might be left wondering ‘what does this mean for me?’ If you were planning on getting married in Summer this year you are likely wondering if you should postpone your wedding and what to expect in that process. What should be such an exciting time for you and all of your guests may now be clouded by anxiety and worry. We are here to make this process as easy as possible for you with our top tips and answers to some questions you may have been asking yourself over and over again.


Should I Cancel or Postpone my Wedding?

With most governments across the globe advising against gatherings of more than 10 people for the next few weeks and the UK in total lockdown the future for Spring & Summer 2020 weddings are uncertain. We don’t know what we don’t know and what we don’t know at this time is when we will be able to have weddings again. One thing we do know is that the end of the year & 2021 are getting busier by the day. So where does that leave you when deciding between cancelling or postponing? As we are all so uncertain of the future and what life will look like the next few weeks we are urging people to reschedule to provide a light at the end of the tunnel. All of this time in self isolation is a gift of free time to plan weddings that couples are never usually blessed with & wouldn’t it feel great that when all of this is over you get to celebrate your love with friends and family who you might not have seen for a while?

The key, it seems at this time is to focus on rescheduling to avoid the loss of deposits or any non refundable payments made towards your wedding. For weddings planned for June through August we do suggest keeping an eye on things at this time, with the situation changing every day we can’t predict what that time will look like but we do advise preparing yourself for rescheduling and to confirm availability of your vendors beforehand in order to prepare and so you feel more relaxed about it should the time come.


How far out should I postpone my wedding?

2018 & 2019 saw a record number of engagements and with that comes a very busy 2020 & 2021 in the wedding world. With the majority of March & April weddings having to reschedule this calls for a very busy Autumn/Winter wedding season for 2020. The Industry experts are advising couples to reschedule for October onwards and to consider midweek weddings if availability is low. Unfortunately this pandemic has shaken the Wedding and Hospitality Industry and if people are looking to do something positive for them then rescheduling to a date later this year is definitely a step in the right direction. Of course we live in the UK and the weather plays a huge factor for us so if you are dreaming of a sunny wedding then we would suggest rescheduling to 2021


What if I don’t have a wedding planner to help me with all of this?

Of course not everyone has the luxury of having a planner to help them through this time and might be anxious about facing this alone, but always remember that you are not alone! If you have secured our services or are thinking about securing our services for your wedding then please reach out to us to see how we can help! We pride ourselves on our customer service and we are very well connected within the industry and here to help. Picking a supplier who you have a good relationship with like us at Qube will go a long way in easing your stress during this process. Who better to go to advice for than the pros!


What do I tell my guests?

I’m sure as well as all of the questions you have of your own, you are also faced with a bunch of questions from all of your guests. This can sometimes be overwhelming when you don’t have the answers yet and are looking for more time to make that decision. We created a cute template you can use to send to guests letting them know that you are considering rescheduling but don’t have all of the information right now.


I was planning on a destination wedding, what now?

With pretty much all popular wedding destinations on lockdown and resorts closing by the hour your destination wedding dreams might be looking bleak. Most couples will have some elderly/high risk guests that they can’t risk travelling with even towards the end of the summer! If you have to make the difficult decision to give up on an abroad wedding and get married in the U.K. you may not be feeling as excited as you should be but that’s where we come in! Schedule a call with us and we can go over all your options for planning an English wedding so stunning you will forget all about your destination plans! If you still want to get married this year you are going to need help from the experts pulling together all the best vendors for you at the last minute and that’s where we want to help!

As the travel industry tries to recover the huge financial loss they may be stricter on refunds or receiving deposits back and you may be without funds. If friends and family are willing to help contribute to your dream wedding we offer gift vouchers that can be redeemed on any of our services. They are available on our website and are the perfect wedding gift for these tough times. (Gift vouchers coming very soon – to get first in line for these please email


How do I move forward & be excited?

We HATE the thought of this time not being exciting for couples, we all work so hard to make sure that this day is perfect for you and the thought of having to wait even longer can seem so terrible. We are currently offering video calls and consultations if you want to plan your wedding during this time or just need some clarity and advice. These can be booked here or by emailing us at or through our website We want to make sure this process is as exciting as possible for you and we are here and available to get started on planning for the future NOW!


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