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Lighting Ideas for your Wedding

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Wedding Lighting Ideas for your Fairytale Reception
The secret to transforming your wedding venue is good lighting. The right lighting can set the tone for your day; whether that be a small and intimate wedding reception, or a grand affair. It enhances the atmosphere and decoration of your chosen venue and should not be underestimated. Your theme for the day can only be improved with complimentary lighting, casting brilliant illusions and effects for your professional photos. Projected Image, leading gobo light suppliers for the UK and Europe, are sharing their best tips and lighting ideas for the fairytale wedding day.

Wedding Lighting Types

Wedding lighting is a big trend for 2018 and has become a significant part of planning a wedding. It is important, but don’t let it impact your budget as you scour through the various types of lighting and equipment for your special day. For example, if you would like to illuminate the entire venue with a variety of shapes and designs but don’t have the budget, look into a gobo light to project a brilliant pattern onto the walls, ceiling or even dancefloor of your venue. There is a vast number of options for lighting, and we’ve put a list of the most popular ideas together for your wedding.

Gobo Lighting

As mentioned above, gobo lights are a brilliant and cost-effective method for utterly transforming your venue. A gobo is a piece of metal or glass, with a particular pattern or design cut into it. Gobo lights are experiencing massive popularity in 2018 (you only need to perform a quick search on Pinterest for ideas) and can project dazzling images at your reception.

The options for gobos are astounding; from monogram gobos of your new married name to skylines and even the twinkling forest sky. You could enjoy your first dance under a projection of the stars, or waltz while your name shines brightly in lights on the wall.

Before looking into gobo lights for your reception, check with your venue as they may have a projector. If this is the case, you only need the gobo, and not need to purchase a projector also.

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Uplighting is often considered one of the best options for events and receptions. Uplighting is a form of ground-based lighting, most commonly used to highlight certain areas in a venue, such as the bar, altar, table plan or behind the top table. One of the advantages of uplighting is that it can be used both indoor and outdoors. This is perfect for guiding guests to different rooms for the reception and ceremony.

Uplighters are dramatic and cost-effective, with both battery powered and mains operated lights as options. Battery powered lights are a great choice for where mains power isn’t available, such as inside tee-pee’s, outside walkways and outdoor areas. Uplighting is available in both colour and monochrome, making them perfect for any wedding theme.

White Chinese Paper Lanterns


Lanterns vary in style and colour and can be used to style a variety of different areas of your wedding ceremony and reception. Tall lanterns are particularly popular for lining aisles and walkways, while paper lanterns are great strung along the ceiling for a rustic feel, and small wooden lanterns make cute centrepieces for a woodland theme. There are a variety of designs to choose from and, if you are working towards a small budget, the benefit of lanterns is that you can design and create them yourself for that personal touch.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights are a huge wedding trend for 2018, particularly as we move towards the more industrial and rustic themes. Festoon lights are similar to that of fairy lights but feature different size bulbs. They are taking over the world of Pinterest weddings, with endless possibilities for the lighting accessories. You can string them around your reception room, line the aisle with festoon lights or even place them outside for a cosy and relaxed outdoor area. They are, also, another cost-effective method for lighting your wedding reception and work harmoniously with the lighting types mentioned above.

Fairy Lights

Of course, we cannot mention wedding lighting without touching on fairy lights. As the original lighting accessory, fairy lights are as popular as ever. Similar to the effects of festoon lighting, fairy lights offer you the chance to further decorate your venue. You can wind fairy lights around plants at your reception, place them in jars to sit in the centre of tables or use them to decorate areas of your reception room, including the top table, bar and seating areas.

Hire lighting for your wedding

For more lighting ideas and inspiration, Qube Events have a huge range of lighting equipment available, from dancefloor lighting to table centres and candles, we can provide anything you need to light up your special day. Browse our full range of lighting here.

If you’re looking for bespoke Gobo Lighting for your wedding, you can contact us online and we will provide you with Gobo lighting created especially for your needs. If you prefer, you can contact us directly on 0845 463 4008 for more information.

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