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The Queen Charlotte’s Ball 2016: Sponsored and Styled by Qube Events & Productions

Qube Events & Productions styling and sponsoring Queen Charlotte's Ball 2016

Qube Events & Productions at Queen Charlotte's BallThe Queen Charlotte Ball is a long-standing tradition and will this year celebrate its 236th annual debutante celebration at historic Whitehall Place on 10th September 2016. The tradition of the Queen’s Charlotte Ball is firmly rooted in the upper class traditions of Britain, and Qube Events & Productions are honoured to be styling and sponsoring the prestigious event.

Venue Styling from Qube Events & Productions

The Queen Charlotte’s Ball has various traditions, including the presence of royalty, a procession of the debutantes and a huge birthday cake. Fundamental to these traditions is maintaining their importance throughout changing societies and social norms. The style of the ball is important when bringing these traditions up to date, and The London Season has kindly requested the assistance of Qube Events & Productions to style the venue accordingly.

This year, a dream-like ambience is being created for the ball, with everything from the cake to the debutantes dresses styled with this theme in mind. Our very own Debbie Marks has personally designed the imaginative and floral topiary to decorate and adorn the venue, along with enchanting table and dining chair décor, designed to work perfectly with the dream-like Procession of the Debutantes.

Queen Charlotte’s Ball Values and Traditions

Started by King George III, the Queen’s Charlotte’s Ball was originally launched to raise money for children in need all over the world, and was subsequently named after his wife, Queen Charlotte. The ball still upholds its charitable values, and at this year’s event, there will be a silent auction in support of Children with Cancer.

Royal attendees include London Season Patrons Her Highness Princess Olga Romanoff and Their Graces the Duke and Duchess of Somerset, who will greet the debutantes following the traditional Procession. From 7pm – 1am, the exclusive invite-only event will be a celebration of this year’s debutantes, with a white tie dress code, a traditional meal and champagne and canapé reception and dancing until carriages arrive at 1am. The event is upheld in the highest regard in the social calendar, and Qube Events & Productions are honoured to be a part of this esteemed tradition.

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*Credit goes to Trevor Humphries/Central Press/Getty Images for photo included.

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