Showstopping Backdrops for your Event

How to Create Showstopping Backdrops for your Event

How To Create Showstopping Backdrops for Your Event

When it comes to planning an event, every detail matters. From the venue decor to the ambience, creating a memorable experience is key. One often underestimated element that can significantly impact the atmosphere and the memories that live on is creating Instagrammable backdrops that create those must-have photo opportunities!  2023 is all about showstopping backdrops which is why we are going to show you how to create showstopping backdrops for your event! 

Backdrops have the incredible power to transform ordinary spaces into EXTRAordinary settings, adding depth, personality, and a touch of magic. In this blog, we will explore the importance of backdrops for events and how they can elevate the entire experience for both hosts and attendees.

Backdrops act as a canvas, setting the stage for your event’s theme and creating a visually appealing environment. Whether it’s a corporate conference, a wedding, or a birthday celebration, the right backdrop can instantly transport guests into the desired ambience. From elegant and luxurious designs to whimsical and playful backdrops, they help reinforce the event’s message and create a cohesive visual identity. Not to mention how easily you can showcase your theme and personality within a showstopping backdrop for your event! 

Balloon decor, balloon design, balloons, event decor, balloon display. Showstopping backdrops for your events.

#TopTip – Balloons are a super easy and effective way to bring all of your event colours and themes into one display. Step it up a notch with a personalised neon sign and/or some florals between & you instantly have a magnificent display! 

In the era of social media, photo-worthy moments are highly coveted. Backdrops offer a perfect opportunity to create stunning photo settings, encouraging guests to capture and share their experiences. A well-designed backdrop not only enhances the aesthetics of the photographs but also serves as a branding tool, allowing people to showcase their logo or hashtag. These shareable moments help generate buzz and extend the reach of the event beyond its physical boundaries. 

Below, is the perfect example of using a backdrop to showcase branding. It really can be as simple as adding a neon sign to bring the branding into your event! This was for Amazon’s Christmas party, we had a custom neon sign created for our client and added it to our silver sequin backdrop, paired it with our thrones and you have a simple but effective backdrop! Perfect for taking photos.  This sign now takes pride of place in their office too.  We love creating signage that you can repurpose!

Amazon showstopping backdrop

Backdrops can easily be tailored to suit any event type or theme. With a wide range of materials, designs, and sizes available, we can customise backdrops to reflect unique visions and create a truly personalised experience. 

#TopTip – Having a tropical inspired event…why not have a gold sequin wall with tropical trees and animals? The options are endless if you let your creativity shine through!

Another notable aspect of backdrops is their versatility. At Qube, one of our favourite backdrops is our moongate arch which is a 2.56m circular frame that can be utilised in many ways! It can be used during weddings for entrances, ceremony aisle decor, top table backdrops or even for the cake! It can be styled to suit any theme or event whether it’s a black tie event and it has a balloon or a feather display, or a wedding filled with an abundance of florals or a baby shower with drapes and teddies! You can add personalised neon or acrylic signs, style with different colours, balloons, pampas or go a- symmetrical with the styling- the possibilities are boundless! Thinking outside the box is always a win when creating showstopping backdrops!

Wisteria Moongate Arch with personalsied neon sign. Showstopping backdrops for your events.

When thinking about creating a backdrop, don’t forget to also think about how you could incorporate other aspects of your event. Are you having a sit down meal? If yes, then chances are you will need or have a seating plan! So why not make something truly beautiful with your seating plan that will also double up as an extravagant backdrop. Check out our 6ft table plan we created for a magnificent marquee wedding last year, we made a statement out of the set up so that it would work perfectly as a backdrop as well. Sometimes you don’t need a whole new set up for a backdrop – think about how you can utilise what you are already using!

6ft statement table plan backdrop with florals pieces. Showstopping Backdrops for your events.

Backdrops have the power to transform events from ordinary to EXTRAordinary. They set the stage, create memorable photo opportunities, enhance the overall experience, and offer unlimited opportunities for customisation. If you are in the process of planning an event make sure you don’t forget the importance of back drops, consider them as an essential component of the event design. By investing in visually stunning and thoughtfully designed backdrops, you can leave a lasting impression on attendees, making each event an unforgettable experience. That’s how you create showstopping backdrops! So, whether you’re hosting a corporate gala, wedding or a themed party, remember that a well-chosen backdrop can make all the difference in creating an event that stands out from the crowd.

Our favourite designs include silver shimmer walls, hot pink shimmer walls, gold shimmer walls, flower walls, custom made floral walls, tropical walls, foliage walls and even geometric walls, all look fabulous.

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