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Ten Top Reasons to Hire a Wedding and Event Stylist

The styling of an event is what takes an occasion from standard to standout. It’s that sprinkling of magic that not only makes a space look incredible but that sets the tone and atmosphere of a celebration too. Get it right and it creates amazing memories that live on long beyond the event itself.

But how do you get the styling spot on to achieve that desired look and feel? By hiring a dedicated wedding and event stylist, such as Qube Events! The benefits of hiring an experienced stylist are plentiful, and we’re going to cover our top ten plus points in this very post, but first, let’s clear up any confusion as to the role of such a professional.


Whether planning a wedding, private party, corporate event or Bar/Batmitzvah, we event stylists will help you to realise the aesthetic and ambience you want to create for the occasion. Then we’ll bring those ideas to life with our imaginative eye and impeccable attention to detail. 

Unlike venue coordinators, who will be limited in the decor they can deliver, professional wedding stylists have access to an impressive range of props, furniture and decorative pieces to suit a whole host of themes. Furthermore, we specialise in going beyond the ordinary to deliver the extraordinary and in doing so, we create truly unique, socks-blown-off kind of events. 

Above all else, a dedicated event stylist is with you every step of the way, from the initial design concept to venue set up and pack down, meaning you can fully relax and enjoy the celebrations without needing to lift a finger.

Sounds good, right? But just in case you did need any more reasons to add an event stylist to your must-have supplier list, then here’s our top ten to get you started…

Wedding breakfast reception table dressed by a wedding and event stylist in a prink romantic theme


1. Save Yourself Time 

Planning an event, especially a wedding, is extremely time-consuming, and the styling often takes up a large chunk of the organising. From helping come up with the perfect event design concept to sourcing decor, suggesting room layout/seating plan ideas, recommending suppliers and setting up the venue, a professional stylist like the Qube Events team is worth its weight in gold when it comes to saving time. 

2. Reduce Stress 

Trusting a professional to style your wedding, celebration, or corporate event will immediately alleviate stress. You can put your trust in us experts to take care of the logistics, decor and details both in the run-up to and on the day of the event itself. With our years of experience, we’ve covered all types of events, styles of venues and sizes of parties, meaning no matter what the brief, we can deliver wow-worthy results seamlessly. 

3. Minimise The Overwhelm

The options for event styling are pretty much endless, and so we know how easy it is to fall down a Pinterest rabbit hole of inspiration. But fear not! We can help narrow down and refine the choices, taking your personal preferences and the event setting into account. We know what will and won’t work, when ideas can be effortlessly fused and when too much is, well, too much!

4. Get The Most For Your Money

A professional wedding and event stylist will look at your budget as a whole and come up with ideas to maximise your spends. Sourcing your own decor, even via charity shops, car boots, and auction sites, may seem like a savvy option, but it can quickly become more pricey than hiring a team with their own decorative items to do the styling for you. 

5. Access Endless Options

Here at Qube Events, we have an Aladdin’s cave of in-house products, props and furniture to style an array of occasions, whether your vibe is elegance, glamour, traditional, on-trend, subtle or statement. From table linen, crockery, cutlery and glassware through to centrepieces, signage and backdrops plus floral arrangements, photo booths, lighting solutions, dancefloors and furniture, it’s no exaggeration to say that we’ve got every element covered. 

6. Make It Personal

Every Qube Events client is allocated their very own styling specialist to work with you every step of the way. As such, we build meaningful relationships and can easily weave personal touches into the event styling to ensure the occasion is one-of-a-kind. After all, the small but well-thought-out details can make the biggest difference and ensure your wedding or event lives on in guests’ memories for many years to come. 

7. Go Bespoke

If you desire a certain item that isn’t in your event stylist’s collection, it might well be that they can make it for you. Here at Qube Events, our talented team turn their hand to numerous bespoke requests and revel in a unique styling challenge. From personalised backdrops and large-scale suspended floral installations to selfie stations, doughnut walls and one-of-a-kind centrepieces, there isn’t much we haven’t dealt with or dared to create.

8. Keep It Consistent 

The key to standout styling is consistency, and so you can rely on your event stylist to not only help you realise your vision but to ensure that it’s executed cohesively too. Whether it’s getting the right colour match on your linens, choosing the ideal lighting to set the tone, dressing your cake stand to reflect your theme or deciding on suitable fonts for your signage, you can rely on us to make your event details harmonious throughout. 

9. Handover The Hard Work 

Trust us, styling an event is much harder than it looks, both creatively and physically. However, we professional stylists have the transport, manpower and know-how to get everything in place on time and with meticulous precision. Better still, not only do we set up your event, but we return post-celebration to pack everything away again, so the ‘dreaded’ clear-up is taken care of too!

10. Enjoy The Experience 

Top of our agenda is making the event styling process both an enjoyable and memorable experience. So, whether you entrust us with your wedding day, anniversary party or business award ceremony, you can rest assured of personal yet professional service, innovative creativity, friendly guidance and the most spectacular results that will meet and exceed your expectations!

Images by: Jane Beadnell Photography.

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