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The future of wedding planning

As the end of lock down draws near we start to wonder what that means for the future of wedding planning. Are big weddings a thing of the past? Most weddings have been rescheduled to 2021 or pushed further in 2020 & the ‘New Normal’ for celebrating Weddings is definitely going to be different. Social Distancing is our new norm in everyday life and we think weddings will be similar. They could become smaller and more intimate focusing on top notch hygiene standards and contactless service. Couples planning to celebrate their weddings at the end of 2020 may have to consider altering their wedding plans. That’s not to say it can’t still be an amazing day & big weddings will definitely return one day, when it is safe to do so. Here’s our predictions for the future of wedding planning.

Hygiene First

You’d find it hard to leave your house now without coming across some sort of sanitizing station and weddings are going to be the same. We will be seeing lots of hand sanitizers at celebrations so guests can stay safe – we even think we will start to see some really cool decorated ones to fit with your theme! We also predict lots of cute personalised favours that include hand sanitizer – what better way to remember all of this later down the line!



Outdoor Weddings & Spaced out Seating

Even though British weather can be so unpredictable, we definitely think we will see a rise in outdoor weddings as they start back up again. Ceremonies won’t be as squashed together leaving for extra room in between each person & the same goes for the receptions. Open air weddings means there is lots of space to fit more guests whilst still maintaining a safe distance! Venues will probably have to organise larger tables with limited seating to encourage space for guests when they are seated too.



Food & Drink

Many catering & bar companies are already thinking about how they can make it work and keep it safe. Family style/ shared dining could be a thing of the past for a while with couples opting for a served plated dinner or a served buffet so the staff can ensure everything stays sanitized.If you do opt for a buffet style dinner remember things may take a little longer to serve.  When it comes to bars, lots may become card only and temporarily stop any sharing cocktails or jugs. Speaking with your venue/service providers before can make sure you know exactly what’s coming!

A personal touch

With many guests having to change their plans or even put themselves at a slight risk for your wedding – lots of couples will be focusing more on making sure the day is extra special for the guests. With personalised favours and fun & exciting entertainment. Photobooths & backdrops with great print out photos will be all the rage to give your guests a night to remember!



Smaller weddings = Bigger decor

With restrictions on the amount of guests allowed at weddings freeing up alot of your wedding budget, couples may want to consider using the extra budget for the amazing decor that didn’t fit within their budget before. Think about that hanging floral installation or amazing backdrop you couldn’t afford. Now you can!! Chat with your decor stylist to see what amazing ideas they suggest to make sure your day is one you will remember forever!!


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