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Top Event Theme Idea: Tropical & Festival Decor

Vibrant festival and tropical decor form top event styling themes for 2022…and they’re looks that our super talented team of professional event stylists love to create!

Bright, bold and fabulous, they provide fun theme ideas for corporate events, parties, weddings and bar/batmitzvahs that will help create an upbeat atmosphere and eye-catching setting.

The look is also adaptable to a wide range of settings and backdrops – be it a blank canvas function suite, garden room, marquee, tipi or even your own house or back garden. And its versatility spans to pleasing guests of all ages, thanks to its joyful, carefree nature and far-reaching colour palette. 

So, for those of you keen to embrace this popular theme for your upcoming party, function or wedding, we’re sharing our top decor suggestions and product picks.

Styling A Tropical Or Festival Decor Themed Event

Festival themed party with rainbow coloured paper lanterns

Event Colour Scheme

How to pick an event colour scheme is a question we’re regularly asked by our clients. However, with a festival themed party, pretty much anything goes, as long as it’s bright and bold. Often the decor will incorporate a full rainbow of colours, but if planning a corporate event, you may wish for a more refined palette centred around your branding.

When it comes to tropical themed events, there are several colour schemes to choose from. These vary from super vibrant psychedelic palettes of lime green, hot pink, tangerine orange and canary yellow, right through to softer, pastel shades like sage green, powder pink and buttermilk yellow. There’s also the option to zero in on just two or three key colours, with vivid green and pink shades being among the most popular. Metallic pops dotted throughout add a more luxurious feel to the event, while monochrome elements can give the decor a cool, contemporary twist. 


Tropical themed entrance decor for batmitzah
Image: Adam Hudson Photography

Entrance Decor

At Qube Events, we’re firm believers in wowing guests from the off, and so fabulous entrance decor is a must! For themed events, this is even more important as it sets the scene for the rest of the proceedings, builds excitement and helps create the desired atmosphere.

We’ve styled some amazing festival and tropical party entrances at venues throughout Cheshire and beyond. To bring these awesome themes to life, we use the likes of huge decorative trees or metal frames dressed with cool tropical foliage and vibrant floral displays.

Meanwhile, outdoor entranceways can be enhanced with reams of cool festoon lighting or – for those full-on party vibes – giant, colourful festival flags. 

Fun, vibrant balloon arches and installations also fit tropical and festival event themes perfectly and will certainly tick that wow-factor box as guests arrive.

To help personalise the event, you could go for bespoke signage to suit your chosen colour scheme or perhaps use A-frame chalkboard signs or festoon-lit table plans to inform, excite and direct your guests. 


Round table event furniture
Image: Adam Hudson Photography

Event Furniture

The furniture you require will depend on the type of event you’re planning. For events where a meal is served, such as a corporate awards ceremony, gala dinner, wedding or bar/batmitzvah, long rustic trestle tables and wooden chairs or benches help to emit those laid-back festival feels. 

Meanwhile, for occasions such as birthdays, baby showers or corporate summer parties, barrel and rustic poseur tables suit these themes and provide areas for people to gather, drink and chat.

Our professional event stylists also love to create festival and tropical-themed chillout areas, using decorative trees, low tables and cool, comfy seating, such as Chesterfield sofas, leatherette cubes and deck chairs. 


Tropical table decor for summer party event

Tableware & Decor

Styling incredible tablescapes is another speciality of the Qube Events team, but for those of you wanting to style parties yourself, we offer an amazing range of event decor and props to hire through Qube Event Hire.

For tropical and festival-themed events, we’d suggest colourful tableware, such as vibrant charger plates and glassware. We’ve also been known to source fabulous drinkware, like disco ball and pineapple-style vessels, for fun-themed events.

Enhance tropical tables with exotic foliage runners broken up with zesty blooms and terrariums, or go for elevated foliage/floral displays on metallic frames. Amusing props such as flamingos, pineapples and parrots will also help bring the look to life.

If styling a festival-themed wedding or corporate event, we love to finish tables with bright blooms in jars and jugs or elevated foliage centrepieces, interspersed with vibrant candles and twinking votives.

Chair decor, such as tropical blooms, trailing foliage or rainbow ribbons, is another fun event decor idea that we’re huge fans of!


Tropical foilage lighting installation for summer party

Event Lighting 

No matter the venue or theme, we know how to create the perfect event lighting to achieve the desired mood. 

For tropical style parties, it’s all about emitting those cool, upbeat vibes, so Edison bulb and festoon lighting would always be our go-tos, along with fabulous neon backdrops and signage. These also work equally well for festival-themed events, as do twinkling fairylights. 

If looking to make the ultimate luminous statement, then our expert stylists can create a striking suspended installation, incorporating cool foliage and Edison bulbs or sparkling fairylights and hanging metallic lanterns. 


Light up event letters and dancefloor monogram
Image: Adam Hudson Photography

Decor Extras

There are literally no bounds to our creativity, so we can keep awesome decor ideas coming for these top 2022 event themes.

To further enhance tropical and festival-themed parties and corporate events, we’d suggest striking suspended decor, such as lining ceilings with rainbow paper lanterns and disco balls, or adding a large foliage or floral chandelier to the roof space. Decorative trees with colour-coordinated streaming ribbons also make for eye-catching decor. 

Themed bars are another speciality of ours, with Tiki, Hawaiian and astroturf-covered designs all part of our spectacular offering. 

Of course, no party is complete without a selfie station or branded/personalised photo backdrop. For tropical and festival events, we love to use our fabulous foliage walls or our show-stopping sequin backdrops available in a range of head-turning colours. 

Further individuality can be added with light-up letters and numbers with either clear or coloured bulbs. So, you could have the event name up in lights, or perhaps your company name for a corporate event or married name for a wedding!

Want the Qube Events team to work their styling magic on your corporate event, party, or wedding? Then simply contact us to book a complimentary consultation with our professional event planners and stylists.

Tropical & Festival Themed Decor Picks & Tricks

Festival event decor

As mentioned, if you’re planning on styling your own party or event, we offer an incredible collection of event decor and props to hire through Qube Event Hire

Furthermore, Qube Decor Group’s CEO, Debbie Marks, has just launched an inspiration-packed book – Extraordinary Parties – revealing how to take your events to next-level spectacular. This ultimate party planning guide will give you creative ideas in abundance, plus checklists, time-savers and tips. Click here to buy.

Now, we’ll leave you with the Qube Event Hire team’s top styling product picks to bring tropical and festival event themes to life:

Tropical Themed Event Decor

Tropical party balloon arch event decor

Tiki Bar

Foliage Wall

Mega Balloons 

Geometric Arch With Tropical Foliage

Festival Themed Event Decor

Festival style event table decor
Image: Adam Hudson Photography

Festoon Chalkboard Table Plan

Weeping Willow Canopy Tree

Edison Lighting

Rustic Plinth

Copper Hanging Lanterns

To view more of our epic event hire range, visit the Qube Event Hire website.

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