How to Plan a Luxury Wedding Without Breaking your Bank

How to Plan a Luxury Wedding Without Breaking the Bank

How to create a luxury wedding without breaking the bank
Your wedding day is supposed to be the greatest day of your life, as well as your partner’s. When you get engaged, you dream about planning the perfect wedding for you and your other half. You want to choose the best for your wedding, but you don’t want to drain your life savings in the process. While you don’t have to DIY every last thing for your big day, there are big ways to save cash without going broke. Let’s face it, however large or small your wedding budget is, the majority of people have some kind of budget.



Start planning early

The earlier you start planning, the better. Give yourself plenty of time so that you’re not scrambling for money when all the bills are due. The expenses of a wedding can start to add up quickly, so being over-prepared is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to have a longer engagement. Instead of scheduling your wedding to be six months after you get engaged, take a year and a half or two-year engagement.

The extra few months will give you time to save more money as you go so that you’re able to get everything you want for your wedding day. Check out this 12-month wedding calendar to keep you on track during the planning process.

Enhance your venue with lighting

A simple venue can instantly turn luxurious with some beautiful lighting. Hiring lighting to accentuate your dancefloor or the wall behind your top table won’t be too costly. You can even use lighting within your centrepieces which will create a beautiful ambience for your reception. You can view lots of lighting ideas for your wedding here.


Hire your linens

Impressive cloths are a great way of making an impact in your room. Whether its coloured cloths or sequinned they can make your room look really special. While the linens that your venue provide may be just fine, you can rent more luxurious linens online to give your wedding a more upscale feel without upping the price too much. It will instantly give your wedding the look you’re going for, and your guests will notice! Find out more on renting your wedding linens here.

Don’t be afraid to go fake

One of the most expensive décor items in a wedding can be the flowers. Fresh flowers are expensive (yes, they are absolutely gorgeous and smell divine; we are a big fan and have a large in-house florist team!), however, it doesn’t mean you need to forgo the luxury or opulence of your wedding. Some of the most luxurious weddings we style are with luxury silk flowers. This can work out three times cheaper than fresh flowers which means your arrangements can be three times bigger and more lavish! Visit our Pinterest board for lots of inspiration.

Silk Flowers

Pay it off later

You’ve planned the wedding of your dreams and the big day is finally approaching, so it’s time to pay for everything. Paying for a wedding can be daunting, and when all the bills start to roll in it starts to get overwhelming. While it would be easy to throw everything on a credit card, taking out a personal loan with a low-interest rate can be a better option. You’ll avoid the high-interest and take your time paying off your wedding. Instead of paying for everything at once with one big bill, a personal loan allows you to pay over a period of time, making it more manageable.

You don’t have to give up everything you want for your wedding day, but you can still have a luxury wedding without being in debt for the rest of your life. Little changes here and there make a huge difference in price, while still keeping up with the upscale vibe you’re going for. See here how you could cut costs from your wedding. Your guests will be wowed by your astonishingly beautiful wedding, and your bank account will be happy too!

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