Top 10 Wedding Trends 2023/2024

Top 10 Wedding Trends 2023/2024

Sharing with you our predictions for the Top 10 Wedding trends 2023/2024.

Dramatic Ceilings

A key Top 10 wedding trend in 2023/2024 is dramatic ceilings – they are getting bigger and more dramatic! Think opulent, beautiful, cascading floral installations, mesmerising chandeliers, show-stopping fairy light ceiling displays and creative ceiling draping.  

#TopTip – Circles symbolise everlasting love and unity.  Speak with your event designer to create bespoke designs to suit the style of your wedding. 

Statement Wedding Aisles

One of the most special parts of any wedding is the ceremony itself, whether it’s in a Church, a barn, a garden or a lavish castle wedding. Making it look beautiful just adds to the magic of the ceremony, creating that extraordinary, fairytale feeling and creating a show-stopping backdrop for that moment you say ‘I do’.  Statement wedding aisles are a key 2023 / 2024 wedding trend that you need to know!

  Creative gold mirrored aisle & draped dome with flowers

(Amie Bone Collaboration for Gold Mirrored Aisle- @amieboneflowers)

Creative Wedding Photo Backdrops

It’s 2023 so let’s not pretend that we don’t like taking photos! Who doesn’t love a selfie or a photo of themselves all dressed up as a memento of your wedding day? Creating a beautiful backdrop or statement focal piece for your wedding gives you and your guests the perfect opportunity to take stand-out photos. Providing an alluring backdrop will also encourage your guests to explore and ultimately take more photos and videos… meaning you get even more to look back on! It’s a great way to bring people together at your wedding, it’s also a really easy way to incorporate something interactive within your special day.

Creative back drops and mega displays are key 2023 / 2024 wedding trends!

Showstopping Table Plans

Table plans don’t have to just be table plans. How about incorporating your table plan into your creative wedding backdrops? Being creative with your table plan is a really easy way to introduce creativity and interactivity with your wedding guests.  Everyone has to go to it, read it, look at it and interact with it. Why not make it a showstopping piece?

Table Plan Backdrop with Florals                                

Whether you are having a white, tropical, pink, lilac, castle, manor or marquee wedding… Photo backdrops are a must for 2023! 

#TopTip – If you are getting married somewhere truly beautiful such as a castle, manor or beautiful hotel… think about how you can use your surroundings to show off your venue as well as create an extraordinary photo backdrop!

THE PARTY AFTER THE PARTY – Extraordinary After Parties

After way too long in lockdown, people are still letting off steam! That’s why for 2023, extraordinary after-parties are one of the top wedding trends! After all, your wedding day is about having all of your closest loved ones and favourite people with you… so why not carry the wedding party on into your very own wedding after-party? Entertainment can be the be-all or end-all of an event so think carefully and do your research before booking! There is so many options out there for entertainment, you’ll be shocked! 

Creative Entertainment - Disco Dancers


Colours and textures are everything when it comes to weddings and it’s always great to look at how you can incorporate textures and colours. They help create depth and ambience and can often be the difference between looking okay and looking amazing! Think about how you can utilise what season your wedding is in, what is readily available to you, what corresponds with your theme or what makes you happy that you want to incorporate into your wedding.  If you love flamingos! Have flamingos at your wedding! It could be as small as place names being the shape and colour of a flamingo! Don’t be afraid to use vibrant & bold colours.

Flamingo Place Names(Sarah Kate Photography)

#TopTip – With each component of your wedding, stop and think, how can I personalise or make this creative? Even if you are only able to bring one or two personalised/creative concepts into your wedding it will make such a big difference and it’s these little stand-out details guests will remember.

Rust is in.. can you trust it?

According to Pinterest’s predictions, rusty, terracotta, copper and burnt Sienna are going to be the IN colour for 2023. Pinterest has seen a massive increase in searches among Millennials and Gen X.  How do you feel about this vibrant colour? What will you wear?  Rust inspired wedding decor - key wedding trend for 2023 / 2024(Pinterest:  Whimsicalwonderfulweddings)

Timeless Appeal in Action

Social Media is crazy these days, you can’t avoid it. With that being said new trends and ideas are emerging every single day and it’s hard to keep up! Some trends come and go, some stick for a while and some always have and always will be timeless and beautiful. Now is the time to think about what your perfect timeless pieces are. What makes you smile inside when you look at it? What has a timeless appeal to you?

Timeless Wedding Decor

Souvenirs for Keeps

A lot of pressure is put on details such as wedding souvenirs but this is just another easy way for you to be creative. Bring your wedding theme into it, what do you and your partner enjoy doing? What’s your favourite hobby or place? If you like tennis think mini personalised tennis racket keyrings, if you like a glass of wine think a personalised cork. If you love gardening why not give your guests a seed from your favourite flower? Imagine all of your guests having a flower in their garden dedicated to you that they can keep forever.

Flower Seeds for Wedding Souvenirs (Pinterest: Etsy)

Food = Love

Food isn’t a new concept or idea, but in recent years and definitely for 2023/2024, we are going to be seeing some incredible food displays. Everyone loves food so of course, it had to be featured in the Top 10 Wedding trends for 2023/2024! Food is an art and what better way to bring art and creativity into your wedding than with your favourite food? Taco stations, sweet shops, mash potato buffets or gorgeous charcuterie tables. Whatever you and your partner LOVE! Think about how the food you love can be made into gorgeous concepts and designs to get your guests talking. Wedding styling doesn’t have to stop at the food – bring your creativity and vision into every aspect. 

Beautiful, colourful & creative food display, key 2023 / 2024 wedding trends.(MyProEventPlanners)

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